What matters and what is left, after all?


The project was first imagined as a device to generate contexts and tentative answers, once the paramount question was accepted and all the other questions were expressed by all the members involved.

To take us (in).

And to keep Szymborska’s “I don’t know” open to research and progress.

Three aspects, among all others, seem particularly interesting.


E – laboration/knowledge

In schools, and maybe wherever, working means/should mean elaborating. Therefore the places  destined to this activity should be called  e- labs. Learning takes place in the thinking/doing/thinking again/  process. The same happened with the adults involved in the process. We tried to support such a development in its different steps, listening to the different proposals and modifying them when necessary.



The planning of a project is important: how to must be coherent with what to and with the final aim of it. As authors we undertook the task of facilitating interaction among the participants to the project, exploring further opportunities of involvement and communication. Local institutions, the library, the school, a single class, an expert, the authors, all the participant offered their own planning strategies, thus making the project a real workshop also in this sense.


Gratitude /Acknowledgments

Some of the things which have stayed (with us)


-The assumption of responsibility by all the subjects involved

Respect for the sources which were proposed and the students’ freedom to create/elaborate

-Sharing the process and listening to one another

The joy of freedom gained in setting up meaningful experiences in and outside school

-Comparison through genres and generations

-The importance of organization in order to support the project, the assumption of roles, overcoming difficulties

-The importance of questions we ignore the answers to, but somehow leading to their solution

-Knowledge as a rich pattern of different dimensions, aspects, conditions; as a form of awareness of requirements and instruments; as gratitude towards those who have shared the project making it possible.